Kindle Fire for Kids: Learn Why It's So Great

At KliCwow, we’re passionate about the positive impact the right kind of technology can have on young children. As studies done by leaders in the field of pediatrics have found, “access to, familiarity with and skill using mobile devices are the first steps in achieving digital literacy.” We believe that achieving this type of literacy is a must for closing the digital divide that currently exists within many low-income and minority communities.

Although tablets provide the ideal type of technology experience for young children, there have traditionally been a variety of barriers which have prevented the spread of these devices in disadvantaged communities. As an organization which has gone deep into this issue, we have a lot of great things to say about the Kindle Fire for Kids. In fact, we’re going to share our thoughts on this device with you right now:


This device, which is made by Amazon, is a 7-inch tablet. That size is ideal for younger children to hold and use, but not so large that they’re going to get overwhelmed by holding it. One of the design features that sets the Kindle Fire for Kids apart from many other tablets is its durability. Specifically,a very durable foam shell fully wraps the sides and entire back of the tablet. The shell, which can be removed, means the inevitable drops that are going to occur when a child uses a tablet won’t break it.

This tablet is designed so that it’s easy to charge and control the volume. The tablet also includes a headphone jack, as well as a camera on the back (which is protected but still visible thanks to a cutout in the foam shell). In addition to the size of this tablet being perfect for kids’ hands, the weight of just under 15 ounces is ideal as well.


One of the reasons that children love using this tablet is because the screen provides graphics that are crisp and bright. The tablet runs on Fire OS, which Amazon has made very intuitive and easy to understand. The ability for children to easily navigate to exactly what they want is a big part of why tablets provide an ideal learning device.

Speaking of learning, another very compelling aspect of this tablet is the combination of great parental controls and tons of kid-friendly content. That content includes apps and curated YouTube videos. The tablet even makes it possible to set a daily educational goal for children to complete.

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