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If you are a resident of Clermont County, with a child aged 3-4, you may be eligible to receive a free tablet and WOW pouch. Registration fills up quickly, but we can always still add your child’s name to our waiting list for the next distribution.

For our October 2019 distribution, we are focusing on kids born between 9/30/2014 and 12/31/2015. We will be registering 50 kids. For kids who do not manage to get registered for this session, we will be announcing a date soon for early 2020.

Distribution blocks for October 26:

We are down to only a few open slots for this distribution…two at 10:40 a.m., one at noon and four at 12:40 p.m.

Upcoming Distributions: October 26, 2019 @ Miami Township Library

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Distribution Process:

From start to finish, the whole process typically takes around 30 minutes:

  • Parents or guardians will be asked to sign a participant agreement and a brief survey. At that time, parents or guardians will need to verify that they have brought along a credit card. While these Amazon tablets are free, we cannot complete the registration process without a credit card applicable to possible future purchases by the users.

  • Next, you'll meet with a volunteer who will guide the parent or guardian through the actual registration of the tablet, and explain how to download one of the free recommended educational applications.

  • If the parent or guardian has an active Amazon account, it will be very important that the person knows the password for that account.

  • The last step is meeting with another volunteer who will explain the parental controls and guide the parent or guardian through the process of setting up appropriate controls. After this, the child will receive their WOW Pouch and the process is completed.

  • One final note – KLiCWOW will be conducting a survey 60-90 days after this distribution. This will be a brief survey to help us evaluate the usage of the tablets and the items in the WOW Pouch. We would greatly appreciate your assistance with this survey.