KLICWOW, RHB Partner for House of Peace

Maria Meinking - YWCA; John Melvin - KLiCWow; Sarah Breedlove - YWCA; Brian Dunlap - Riverhills Bank

Maria Meinking - YWCA; John Melvin - KLiCWow; Sarah Breedlove - YWCA; Brian Dunlap - Riverhills Bank

Child safety and success is a mission RiverHills Bank holds very near and dear to our hearts. This is why we have recently partnered with the Clermont County Chamber of Commerce Foundation and YWCA Greater Cincinnati. The Clermont Chamber of Commerce, as part of their “Agenda for the Future” initiative, fostered a Foundation project known as KLICWOW, or Kids Learn Early in Clermont - Wow. For the last two years, KLICWOW has provided completely free Amazon tablets and WOW Pouches to over 500 vulnerable children in Clermont County. The tablets provide access to recommended early learning applications, helping 3-4 year olds become better prepared for kindergarten success. By providing these resources, KLICWOW is facilitating equitable access to early learning for low income children– an opportunity their families would otherwise not be able to afford.

YWCA Greater Cincinnati operates House of Peace, the only domestic violence shelter in Clermont County. They provide survivors and their children with safe housing, crisis intervention, advocacy, referrals for education and job training, as well as children’s services. RiverHills Bank’s donation helped KLiCWow donate 5 brand new learning tablets and WOW Pouches to YWCA, launching the beginning of a new and exciting collaboration. Representatives of YWCA expressed that these tablets will not only help children staying at House of Peace become better prepared for school, but will also provide a much-needed distraction from the trauma they have experienced in their home lives. The WOW Pouches also contain an array of engaging materials for children including a reading book, a coloring book and crayons, bubbles, a toothbrush, a YMCA family pass and more.

RiverHills Bank was more than thrilled to be able to support both of these worthy organizations in such a big way. We hope to continue to grow our involvement with the KLICWOW program and build an even stronger relationship with YWCA Greater Cincinnati. Pictured are Maria Meinking of YWCA, John Melvin of KLICWOW, Klic LaRoo, Sarah Breedlove of YWCA, and RiverHills Bank President/CEO Brian Dunlap. 

Katie Bock